About Geometry Dash World Game

To understand the game’s history better, we need to go back to the 2013 original entry to the series. Unbeknownst to most players, Geometry Dash gets its inspiration from another challenging platformer called “The Impossible Game.” As the name suggests, The Impossible Game, according to critics and players, is one of the most frustrating games to play due to its insane difficulty.


Robert Topala, the developer of Geometry Dash, took the best part of The Impossible Game and added his unique twist. He also managed to tone down the difficulty of the game. The result is a highly immersive game that features excellent gameplay, brilliant visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. Although the game comes with a toned-down difficulty, Geometry Dash is still a very challenging game to play. To that end, Geometry Dash World is a Spin-off that highlighted the new features and improvements on the series.

Although this new version comes with new features and contents, the challenge embedded within the core gameplay structure of the Geometry Dash franchise remains intact. This means if you are looking for an easy game, then, you are definitely on the wrong page. However, if you are up for the challenge then, download Geometry Dash World today free straight to your PC! Take on one of the most challenging platformers in gaming today.