Tips & Tricks to Become Pro Dasher at Geometry Dash World PC

The Geometry Dash series by RobTop Games provided endless hours of gameplay to its players. They continue to provide exciting and exhilarating action-packed adventure with Geometry Dash World, which first came out on December 21, 2016.

The main goal in this installment is to dash, fly, and jump across obstacles while following the game’s rhythm. You must use the rhythm to get yourself out of trouble, and the game invites you to push yourself to the limit all the time. So, if you want to get better at Geometry Dash World PC, we have the perfect guide for you!

Like most of the series’ games, the course includes spiky obstacles and dangerous passages. But not to worry because there are gimmicks to help you out, such as jump pads. But if you want to improve your overall skills, you can try the practice mode, too. Here, you have the chance to become better so you can unlock new icons and colors more easily. These are used to customize your character! Geometry Dash World also has its own unique background music, so you can feel new tracks running through the course of your veins while you play. Now, without further ado, let’s check out the top tips and tricks to become a pro at this game!

Geometry Dash World PC game

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Useful Tips & Tricks to Win at Geometry Dash World

For newbies, Geometry Dash World may be a bit daunting. You need to be fast if you want to avoid those spiky obstacles! But no worries because we have some tips that you might want to try out once you start playing the game. Check them out below.

Play the Rhythm in Your Head

The main feature in Geometry Dash World and the rest of the series is the music. And you get to predict your actions based on the rhythm, which is all connected to the background music. So, with that in mind, you might consider playing the game with your headphones on to make sure that you’re focused on the music.

At first, you’ll be weirded out about why you need to shift all your focus on the rhythm, but the game is based on the rhythm of the music after all. So, if you want to win the levels, you have to keep your mind to it. For example, the beats will correspond to the jumps you’re about to make. It’s a simple example, but it does wonders when you’re playing the game.

Don’t Forget to Practice

As mentioned in the introduction, the practice mode allows you to improve your skills. It’s an excellent way for you to experience the levels without dealing with the pressure of winning them. The game mechanics on practice modes are the same as when you play the level, but you can drop respawn points at different areas. It’s easier for you to repeat certain areas you have difficulty finishing. You don’t need to replay the whole level repeatedly, so it saves you time and effort. It’s also a terrific way for you to work out your weaknesses in the game.

Knowing How the Gimmicks Work

There are gimmicks or special aids throughout the level, which help you finish that particular level. It’s one of the newest features in Geometry Dash World PC, but you need to understand how it works to use it effectively. These are also called boosters, such as light orbs, which you can use to do double jumps. Others are blue versions of light orbs, which reverse gravity and stick you to the ceiling instead. On the other hand, jump pads emit a glow and can be found on the ground. There are also the Yellow jump pads that help you jump higher than average, while blue ones reverse gravity.

Geometry Dash World game


Understanding Other Gimmicks

Apart from the light orbs and jump pads, there are other gimmicks that you need to get to know. One of these is the transition portals, which come up on some levels, especially when piloting a plane-like vehicle. The transition portals will let you know when to control such vehicles. On the other hand, there are cloud platforms in the game. These will show up only once in the game. But they work as an elevator, which goes down slowly once you’re sitting on top of the platform.

Check Out & Complete the User-Created & Daily Levels

One of the best things about Geometry Dash World is that they allow players to unleash their creativity with its full customization feature. In short, you get the chance to customize a level. It allows you to complete user-created levels once you’re done with Dashlands and Toxic Factory. Plus, you can also create levels of your own! Aside from that, there are daily missions that let you complete player-created levels to progress in the game.

The Bottomline

If you’re looking to become a pro dasher at Geometry Dash World PC, make sure to follow the list above. These will help you complete the levels and get to know the installment as a whole. Just don’t forget to wear your headphones for a fuller experience!